Monday, December 27, 2010


this is what happens when a cleo top 40 bachelor doesn't attend training...

.... a fallen bachelor

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Does anyone remember...


Matthew Chew, you better start running.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I know this is probably overdue but...

Training timings have changed, at least for the short term.

We are starting at 630pm now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is because canoe polo has to take over the pool at 9pm, so we have to accommodate them until their competition is over sometime in late August.

After that we'll see how.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who want slippers???


Saturday, July 17, 2010

oh mummy....

Monday, July 12, 2010

after matthew chew comes chris neo....

our new vice-captain has very interesting tastes....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

in other news......

our dear waterpologan bihu has finally scored his first goal (ever). so if you see his smug and hairy face, grab him and he will grant you anything you want.

Diyan's thoughts on the team logo designs...

"Logan u bi hu.. i know u had a free reign in designing this team logo, but it is supposed to be a true representation of us as a team. e design i see is but a selfish representation of urself, complete with the arching fibres of anal hair graceful in flight. e moment i set my eyes on the logo, i knew.. bi hu i read u like a book. u cant fool me. i know u guys wouldnt analyse e logo to such depth, so i had to made it known. i couldnt bear to let u all suffer as ignorant fools, for it is impossible not to notice this. if u think of the polo ball as logan's anus, surrounded by his impenetrable fortress of anal hair, n the lion head- his face complete with mane (which he shaves daily w his custom made gilette mach industrial strength to hide his true form).. we might as well call e design our team logon as it is nothing more than a modern caricature of logan drawn from bottom up, somewhat akin to e nude sketch of kate winslet in titanic.
guy i implore u.. do not vote.. do not be fooled.. do not let him depict us as a team of anal hair lovers.
logan.. i read u like a book. we have been enlightened, dont try to play punk."

And oh by the way, we're into the SEMIS! Yay!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fixtures for AUWP

9th July Friday
1140: PUFTC – NUS (Women)
1800: LUMS – NUS

10th July Saturday
1020: WU – NUS (Women)
1640: NUS – UI

11th July Sunday
1020: NUS – NNU (Women)
1640: KNSU – NUS

12th July Monday - Semi Finals

13th July Tuesday - Finals + R&R (Universal Studios)


Men's Group A
Korean National Sports University
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Universitas Indonesia

Men's Group B
Waseda University
Peking University Founder Technology College

Namangan National University
Waseda University
Peking University Founder Technology College

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clash of the Titans

This is most definitely not a popularity contest although I don't mind winning. Anyway Matt and I were designing our new team logo. Not an EVENT logo like the NUS - GE one, but a TEAM one. Like it will end up on our team apparel and stuff in the future.

(Maximize picture to get a clear view of the colours and design. Thumbnails a bit hard to see clearly.)

So, do you prefer this (Design 1)?

Or Matt's design (Design 2) here?

Let's put this to a poll.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Attention Teletubbies gang,

Hello hello, there will be no Monday training next week, 31 May. Enjoy the extended break.

In addition, the location for subsequent 1, 3, 5 trainings will be changed. Location not confirmed yet, but it is possibly Saint Andrews or NUS Pool (worse case scenario). Tuesday and Thursday trainings same place same time.

*Trainings tentatively 6pm at NUS Pool on 1, 3, 5 (Updated Saturday 12th June)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Catch Water Polo on Voxsports!"

Check out our superstars in action here. Haha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Train

Not quite Ozzy, but training has resumed!

Our Tuesday and Thursday trainings at NUS will be as usual, but starting next week, we will have additional training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The location is not fixed, but for the first 2 weeks at least, it will be held at the CCAB pool.

Anyway, to kick start the holidays, here's something fun! I'll be giving out a special naughty prize to one of the first ten people who correctly identifies the chap in the photo below. The conditions:

1) Place your answer on the tagboard (kaobei box),
2) You must be identifiable,
3) You must state his proper name (Surname + Given Name),
4) Describe him concisely within 5 words.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat

We're be breaking for the exams. Today's training will be the last one, and we'll resume on 11 May.

Kit Kat comes separately.

Friday, April 9, 2010

1st Asian University Water Polo Championship

Yes, it's on!

8 - 14 July 2010


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sign up HERE today!!!!

Limited places available.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here Come the Pesky Exams

Sick of studying?

Bored with lectures and tutorials?

Can't wait to go out into the Sun and have some fun?

Want to meet with friends?


The NUS - Great Eastern Flippa Ball Extravaganza

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guys, this is important stuff!

Check this out! Xizhen has become our new poster boy!

And the best part? He alerted me to it thinking I was behind it. Haha.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mummy! It's Over!

Or is it?

The NUS - Great Eastern Flippa Ball Extravaganza

Coming your way this March.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Real Polo Boys!

It has come to our attention that Sports@SG will be featuring the NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010 tonight at 10pm, Channel 5.

Watch out for our very own poster boy, Matthew Chew, as he climbs out of the NUS Pool baywatch-style.

And also,

NUS retain NUS - GE Water Polo Challenge title with victory over Ngee Ann Poly

(Photo 9 © Vanessa Lim/Red Sports)

(Photo 11 © Vanessa Lim/Red Sports)

(Photo 12 © Vanessa Lim/Red Sports)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Results for Grand Finals, 22nd Jan 2010

The NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010 witnessed a climatic finale with heavyweights NUS and Ngee Ann Polytechnic slugging it out for the gold medal, with NUS besting their opponents 14-4 after a hard-fought battle.

Elsewhere, NTU beat Nanyang Polytechnic 17-6 to clinch the bronze medal.

The grand finals also showcased a ladies' exhibition match between champions NUS and an All-Stars Ladies team, in which NUS narrowly lost 1-2 to their opponents.

Lin Diyan (NUS) was accorded the Most Valuable Player award. Lim Yao Xiang (NTU) was the Top Scorer and Nigel Tay (NUS) was declared the Best Stopper.

Pictures forthcoming.

The NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010 is presented by Great Eastern Life. We are also kindly sponsored by Thorb, Singapore Water Polo, Naughty G, Heeren Shops, Nutrifirst, Frolick, Nestle and Zouk.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

He will be there tomorrow. Will you?

NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010

Results for Finals, Day 1, 19th January 2010

Here are the results for the first day of the Finals, the 19th of January 2010.

5th/6th playoff: SMU 8 - 5 SIM
7th/8th playoff: TP 15 - 8 RP

NTU 4 - 1 SMU (Ladies' Event)*

Congratulations to all teams!!

The grand finals will be held on the 22nd of January, 2010.

The bronze medal match will begin at 3pm sharp, followed by an exhibition match between the NUS Ladies' Team and an All-Stars Team. The Gold Medal Match will begin at 5pm.

*NUS Ladies' Team has already been declared Champions after topping their group of 4.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Important News!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just received news that a banner of Diyan has been put up on the slope opposite the UCC, at the Clementi entrace of NUS.

Pictures to be uploaded as soon as we are able to make a trip down to that hallowed ground.

Anyway here are some other pictures.

The man of the moment.

And also a shot from the Flippa Ball Novelty Event.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Results for Semi Finals, 16th January 2010

Here are the results for the Semi Finals, the 16th of January 2010.

NYP 1 - 13 NUS
NP 11 - 10 NTU
SP 2 - 6 NUS (Ladies' Event)
RP 7 - 19 SIM
SMU 13 - 6 TP

Congratulations to all teams!

The 5th - 8th placings matches, as well as the final Ladies' Game, will be played on Tuesday the 19th of January. The Grand Finals will be held on the 22nd of January, from 3pm - 7pm.

In addition, the Flippa Ball Novelty Event was a resounding success. Hope that all participants had a great time playing Flippa Ball, and congratulations to all winners!

For those who have missed out on this event, fret not. We will be organizing a stand-alone Flippa Ball Event later in the Semester, so do keep a close eye on this space to find out more.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Radio Pulze features the NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010

Check out our event trailer on Radio Pulze.

Keep a listening ear out for more updates throughout the semester!!

Results for Day 5, 14th January 2010

Here are the results for matchday 5, the 14th of January 2010.

NTU 0 - 5 NUS (Ladies' Event)
SMU 8 - 3 Singapore Poly
NUS 9 - 6 NTU
Temasek Poly 12 - 13 Republic Poly

Congratulations to all teams!

This marks the end of the preliminary stages of the NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010. The semi-finals will be played on the 16th of January, and the 5th - 8th placing matches will be played on the 19th.

The grand finals will be on the 22nd of January.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Results for Day 4, 12th January 2010

Here are the results for matchday 4, the 14th of January 2010.

Singapore Poly 6 - 2 SMU (Ladies' Event)
Ngee Ann Poly 13 - 5 Nanyang Poly
NUS 15 - 6 Singapore Poly
SIM 7 - 15 NTU

Congratulations to all teams!!!

Check out Redsports (via our facebook group wall) for the latest match reports!

For everyone else, do sign up for our Flippa Ball Novelty Event. Closing date is Friday, the 15th of January.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Flippa Ball™ Novelty Event

What is the Flippa Ball™ Novelty Event?

The Flippa Ball™ Novelty Event is a one-day stand alone tournament targeted at young, active adults without any prior experience at Water Polo. It seeks to expose the sport of Flippa Ball™ and in turn, Water Polo to a wider audience within Singapore.

Why the Flippa Ball™ Novelty Event?

Water Polo is one of Singapore's most established sports, judging by the 23 consecutive Gold Medals won at the SEA Games. Despite that, there is little public interest in the sport; people are just more inclined towards other seemingly more glamorous sports dominated by foreign-born talents. However, things seem to be taken a slight turn, with the recent exploits of the National Water Polo team at the Laos SEA Games and 'Polo Boys' finally garnering some nationwide attention.

Flippa Ball™ is a sport taking off in various parts of the world, aimed at introducing the sport of Water Polo to beginners. We at teamNUS Water Polo see this as a valuable opportunity not only to promote our sport, but also to campaign for the development of local talents and revitalize the sporting scene within Singapore.

When and Where will the
Flippa Ball™ Novelty Event be held, and what can participants expect?

It will be held on the 16th of January, Saturday, from 12 -4 pm* at the NUS SRC Pool.
* Safety briefing at 11am.

It will be a day of endless fun! All participants will re
ceive an entry package consisting of a shirt, towel and other apparels, not to mention a very attractive goodie bag courtesy of our sponsors. There will be $1000 worth of cash vouchers and other prizes up for grabs. And most importantly, it is FREE to sign up.

How to Sign up for the Flippa Ball™ Novelty Event?

Sign up HERE!**

Form teams of 6-8 with your friends and get ready for a splash! Both guys and girls are welcome! Alternatively, if you are unable to hit 6 members, just sign up and we'll help to match you with others without a complete team.

**Participants should be comfortable in the water. Basic Swimming ability is recommended, though the pool will be shallow.

For more details, contact Biwei at 90233568 or

NTU Superstar Tan Cher Kun. The National Team beckons. (Photo 5 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Source: SMU go down to NTU in NUS-Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Results for Day 3, 9th January 2010

Here are the results for Day 3, the 9th of January.

Ngee Ann Poly 23 - 3 Republic Poly
Temasek Poly 4 - 20 Nanyang Poly
NUS 5 - 0 SMU (Walkover)
SIM 6 - 6 Singapore Poly

Congratulations to all teams!

In addition, check these Redsports articles out. Wooo.

NUS triumph 24-4 over SIM in opening game of water polo challenge

Nanyang Poly thrash Republic Poly in water polo challenge

(Photo 1 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Have you seen this Ball?

We are very pleased to announce that Conceptual Sports are sponsoring the Official Match Balls of the NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010.

Do keep a lookout for these exquisite-looking balls throughout the tournament!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Results for Day 2, 7th January 2010

Go check out the facade of Central Library (at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). Mark Zhang's handsome face has been plastered onto it!

A pity that we have to eventually take it down. Hai. (but where's the banner with Matthew's face?)

Anyway here are the results for Day 2, the 7th of January.

NTU 10 - 3 Singapore Poly
Singapore Poly 7 - 1 NTU (Ladies Event)
SIM 6 - 6 SMU
NUS 8 - 0 SMU (Ladies Event)

Congratulations to all teams!!

And let's not forget our sponsors, without whom this tournament wouldn't have been possible.

The NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010 is presented by Great Eastern Life. We are also kindly sponsored by Thorb, Singapore Water Polo, Naughty G, Heeren Shops, Nutrifirst, Frolick, Nestle and Zouk.

Redsports features the NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010

“That one giant, we’re the dwarfs!” – a competitor on defending water polo champions NUS

(Photo 4 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Results for Day 1, 5th January 2010


Here are the results for Day 1, the 5th of January:

Ngee Ann Poly 29 - 7 Temasek Poly
Republic Poly 4 - 21 Nanyang Poly
NTU 10 - 7 SMU
NUS 24 - 4 SIM

Congratulations to all teams!!

On another note, do sign up for our FLIPPA BALL Novelty Event on the 16th of January 2010. It will be one hell of a splash. If you can't find enough friends to form a full team, you can still sign up and we will match you to others also without sufficient teammates.

Don't be shy. Sign up NOW!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And so it begins...