Friday, July 31, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Andre Teo (9)

What more can you ask for than having both brawns and brains? And that is how Andre Teo crashes into the nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10, his quick wit and sharp tongue impressing our judges sufficiently to bestow upon him a place in our list.

S for Sexy. Andre is gonna save you.

The lawyer-to-be cum Sexyman is well-known both for his outgoing personality as well as his astounding number of female friends (some not really friends, but hot hot hot nontheless), of whom pictures he might share with you if he is in the mood. We are really hoping that after reading this post, Andre will be impressed by all our praises and introduce some pretty girls to the lonely contributors behind nuswaterpolo.blogspot.

We wish Andre all the best, and pray earnestly that he will not injure his finger anytime soon. Or poke his eye. Or get punched. Oh well.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Lin Diyan (10)

After a stellar performance in the AY08/09, Lin Diyan's gaze is now set on to become the region's top player at the upcoming SEA Games. Together with his brother Diyang, they both are poised to take on the world.

Tommy: Where's Pam?

At this year's NUS - Great Eastern WaterPolo Challenge 2009, Diyan was a mainstay throughout the tournament and put in a series of match-winning performances, culminating in him bagging the Most Valuable Player award.

His humble demeanor and jolly personality has endeared himself to his peers, which just allowed him to squeeze into the top 10 sexiest player list. Yes, he might not be the connoisseur's choice (that would be marcus tan or something), but it's hard to deny such a nice person a shot at the limelight (and also because andre die die wanted him, hehe).

And so, we have started the ball rolling. Watch out this space over the next 9 days for more sexy people.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Counting down...

The Sexiest Water Polo Players of AY08/09.

As we approach another new school year, nuswaterpolo.blogspot is looking back on 12 months of fabulous water polo by selecting the sexiest players of the last 2 semesters.

Our contributors have come together to choose the best bods and personalities from within the team.

Will Diyan and Matthew be leading the charge?

The series kicks off on Thursday, 30th July, and will reveal a new player each day, until the ultimate-NUS-Water-Polo-posterboy is revealed on Friday, 8th July.

As the countdown continues, we also want to know what you, the readers, think of each player. Did Matthew Chew deserve to make Cleo Top 40? Are the raving fan-club comments on Marcus Tan deserved? Were Andre and Bryon really deserved of their moniker of the Brothers of Destruction? Leave a comment below each article and tell nuswaterpolo.blogspot what YOU think, and who your favourite Sexiest Water Polo Player would be…

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fair and Square

3 more days till the end of Matric Fair. I do urge all of you who can make it to help out at our booth. We are still a little short of manpower for tuesday and wednesday.

On another note, there will be training on tuesday and thursday evening. Please come on time, at 1930.

SUNIG is coming up real soon. Don't take it for granted we will breeze through the tournament. Once again, I have to stress the importance of thursday trainings. And IRAUG isn't that far off either.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey guys sorry for the late notice. There will be training today at 7.30 pm as usual. Bryon, Bi Wei and myself will not be there to take charge of the team. Darren, Kennth and Melvin please make sure training runs smoothly. Many thanks, have fun.

cheers ken

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'll be BACK!

Not quite Arnold.

Gareth Gu has sprained his back (he just got out of A & E) and will be MIA for a while. Before you evil guys start snickering at his hapless plight, let's all put our hearts together and wish him a speedy recovery. So

Get Well Soon, Gareth! We'll Miss You!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Listen to Benji, you Jabronis!

Training on Tuesday and Thursday. I hope to see everyone down at the pool BY 730pm. Please make an effort to attend Thursday trainings. It is for your own good.

If you can't make it down for any reason whatsoever, do let us know.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Game at SA on Saturday, 1030am

We have been cordially invited to a friendly match against the SAJC team on Saturday. It will be a good opportunity for everyone to chalk up some playing time, especially those who didn't turn up for training on Thursday (= a lot of people).

NYP and a few SA old boys (e.g. the SMU Captain) will also be going down, so if you want a piece of the action, please feel free to join in the fun.