Thursday, July 30, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Lin Diyan (10)

After a stellar performance in the AY08/09, Lin Diyan's gaze is now set on to become the region's top player at the upcoming SEA Games. Together with his brother Diyang, they both are poised to take on the world.

Tommy: Where's Pam?

At this year's NUS - Great Eastern WaterPolo Challenge 2009, Diyan was a mainstay throughout the tournament and put in a series of match-winning performances, culminating in him bagging the Most Valuable Player award.

His humble demeanor and jolly personality has endeared himself to his peers, which just allowed him to squeeze into the top 10 sexiest player list. Yes, he might not be the connoisseur's choice (that would be marcus tan or something), but it's hard to deny such a nice person a shot at the limelight (and also because andre die die wanted him, hehe).

And so, we have started the ball rolling. Watch out this space over the next 9 days for more sexy people.

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