Friday, July 31, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Andre Teo (9)

What more can you ask for than having both brawns and brains? And that is how Andre Teo crashes into the nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10, his quick wit and sharp tongue impressing our judges sufficiently to bestow upon him a place in our list.

S for Sexy. Andre is gonna save you.

The lawyer-to-be cum Sexyman is well-known both for his outgoing personality as well as his astounding number of female friends (some not really friends, but hot hot hot nontheless), of whom pictures he might share with you if he is in the mood. We are really hoping that after reading this post, Andre will be impressed by all our praises and introduce some pretty girls to the lonely contributors behind nuswaterpolo.blogspot.

We wish Andre all the best, and pray earnestly that he will not injure his finger anytime soon. Or poke his eye. Or get punched. Oh well.

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