Saturday, August 29, 2009

From China, With Love

The Guangxi Women's Waterpolo team will be coming down to NUS for a friendly game on Friday, the 4th of September.

They will be playing a combined uni/poly team, but it will probably be dominated by our players, as after all, we are the reigning IVP champions.

Please be down at the pool by 430pm. There will be dinner provided after the game.

Those who are available from 3pm onwards, we will need your help in the setting up of the pool. Please volunteer your services.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Houston, We have an Appointment!

We’ll be having a team dinner at Chuan’s place on Friday the 28th of August, 7pm till late.

For those guys who don’t remember Chuan, he’s the Great Eastern guy who helped us get the sponsorship last year. We have been invited down to his place for dinner as part of our close working relationship with them.

Hey oh, listen what i say oh...

Chuan’s address is at 6, Jalan Tekad, S678461.

Attire is the Event T-shirt for the NUS-GE tournament. If you don’t have the shirt (or can’t fit into yours), just wear casual.

If for whatever reason you cannot make it, please let me know.

Friday, August 21, 2009

wolverine's choice.

on a random muse,

if you were him.......

would you prefer audrey -ahem- tatou......

or how abt somean i mean jean gray....

of course we are speaking in riddles.
i mean dun we all love wolverine? -grins-

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fresh Meat

**Latest Update! Sessions for freshies/new players will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, 630pm - 8pm at the pool.**

Okay guys, we'll be having a session for freshies on Tuesday, 18th August, at 6pm. Those who have no lessons at that time, please make yourselves available and come down to help out.

And don't you think our new website banner looks fantastic?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Matthew Chew (1)

What more can be said of him that hasn't already been said yet? Seriously, did anyone doubt for a moment that it could be somebody else? Cleo Top 40. Stallion. Captain Fantastic. The list of superlatives goes on and on. He was even featured on a gay website. And who could forget his giant poster that was hung on the SRC wall facing the carpark?

The ultimate-NUS-Waterpolo-Posterboy!

The cocoa-hued hunk with the Angelina Jolie like lips has been the posterboy of the NUS Water Polo team over the past year or so, and there ain't no reason why he still shouldn't be. Heck, even girls from god-knows-where have "heard that the NUS Water Polo captain is quite a hunk." He is like a (wet) dream-come-true for girls, especially those with a weakness for waterpolo players or the "Sunshine Boys" type.

His sculpture of a body aside, Matthew is also quite a personality within the team. Spewing out jokes that threaten to turn the pool water into ice, Matthew is a welcomed presence amongst his teammates who have endured long days under the sweltering Singapore sun.

So as we approach the new academic year, we can feel comforted, safe in the knowledge that as long as Matthew is around, the glamour and sexiness of the team is in safe hands.

nuswaterpolo.blogspot now puts to a close what has been a very meaningful and rewarding week. We would like to wish everyone here a very happy National Day and start of the school term.

Study hard, train hard, play hard (And don't forget to congratulate Matthew when you see him).

We'll see you next time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Marcus Tan (2)

If Marcus Tan has a superhero alter-ego, I bet my life it would be the invisible man. This chap has an uncanny ability of slipping under the radar and disappearing from the public eye (especially when training is concerned). So how the #@$% did he end up being number 2 on the nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10? Simple. When you're as awesome as Marcus Tan, you can get away with anything. Well, almost anything.

They look so happy together...

Marcus Tan's claim to fame is his facebook fan club. Anyone can train up to be a good sportsman and mug your ass off to top your class, but certainly, not everyone is born to have facebook fan clubs. It takes that little spark, that special something within only certain individuals, to be considered a member of that elite group which comprises dignitaries such as Brad Pitt and Kermit the Frog.

Apart from being the sexiest guy in Zouk, Marcus Tan also bears the distinction of having topped his class in Law School, finding the challenge too easy for his liking and jumping over to Medicine to find some new egos to beat down.

Somebody save them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Goh Jiale (3)

Pipping the little upstart Prawn King to the number 3 spot on the nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10 is the beer-guzzling hunk who drives around in his cool pimpvan.

Real man drinks one. He drinks two.

Jiale has been one of the lynchpins of the NUS Water Polo team over the past few years. In his capacity as team captain a couple of years ago, Jiale went about the thankless task of uniting a team comprising individuals from differing backgrounds and schools. Part of his legacy includes the appointment of a certain Cleo model as his successor.

Much time has passed since Jiale handed over the leadership mantle to the younger generation, yet he is still a regular at trainings and has many a word of advice to those willing to lend a ear.

And the sofa at the back of his van is really comfy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Lin Diyang (5)

As we cross the halfway mark of our countdown to the ultimate-NUS-Water-Polo-posterboy, who should fall next into our list but Lin Diyang, the Cristiano Ronaldo of the NUS Water Polo team.

I use Colgate.

Always opting for the flamboyant instead of the simple, Diyang is the undoubted superstar (both in skills and personality) of the NUS Water Polo team. Boasting a full arsenal of turns, backshots and other tricksy skills, he will be flying our national colours during the upcoming SEA Games at Laos. A pity it clashes with our team's showing at the Indian-Rim Asian University Games in december, as Diyang will not be there to set Perth alight with his repertoire of audacious ball-skills.

Monday, August 3, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Bryon Teo (6)

The less glamourous and not-so-oft-injured half of the Brothers of Destruction, Bryon has stood in the shadow of Andre for far too long. Now, the dam has burst and it is finally time for him to step up to the forefront and hold his own amongst giants.

I'd never look at a trip to the doctor's in the same light ever again.

As the successor to the team captaincy, Bryon has considerably big shoes to fill. Apart from having to feed and pacify a bunch of guys who constantly eat a lot, unashamedly demand free trunks/shirts/etc. and generally kaobei a lot (mostly for fun), now as the new figurehead of NUS Water Polo, he has to up his game a notch.

And is it just me, or is Bryon looking more and more like Andre?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Teh Chong Nyen (7)

nuswaterpolo.blogspot has managed to squeeze Chong Nyen into this list just before he leaves us for the U S and A. We wish him a safe journey and hope to see him back with us ASAP. His presence will be sorely missed.

Stop staring at the girl lah.

Over the years, Chong Nyen has gone about setting the benchmark for what it takes to be an outstanding sportsman. An ever-present in the NUS Water Polo and Aquathalon teams, he has maintained the delicate balance between sports, schoolwork and the late-night eating/drinking sessions along Thomson Road.

And who could forget his posters that were being plastered all over school?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

nuswaterpolo.blogspot 10: Low Xi Zhen (8)

With a name like SeXiZhen, if you don't deserve to be on this list, no one does.

Frank Xinatra.

Nothing much is known about SeXiZhen except he doesn't often come for polo trainings, and that he is a busy med student.

But really, what a name.