Friday, January 8, 2010

Results for Day 2, 7th January 2010

Go check out the facade of Central Library (at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). Mark Zhang's handsome face has been plastered onto it!

A pity that we have to eventually take it down. Hai. (but where's the banner with Matthew's face?)

Anyway here are the results for Day 2, the 7th of January.

NTU 10 - 3 Singapore Poly
Singapore Poly 7 - 1 NTU (Ladies Event)
SIM 6 - 6 SMU
NUS 8 - 0 SMU (Ladies Event)

Congratulations to all teams!!

And let's not forget our sponsors, without whom this tournament wouldn't have been possible.

The NUS - Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge 2010 is presented by Great Eastern Life. We are also kindly sponsored by Thorb, Singapore Water Polo, Naughty G, Heeren Shops, Nutrifirst, Frolick, Nestle and Zouk.

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