Sunday, July 11, 2010

Diyan's thoughts on the team logo designs...

"Logan u bi hu.. i know u had a free reign in designing this team logo, but it is supposed to be a true representation of us as a team. e design i see is but a selfish representation of urself, complete with the arching fibres of anal hair graceful in flight. e moment i set my eyes on the logo, i knew.. bi hu i read u like a book. u cant fool me. i know u guys wouldnt analyse e logo to such depth, so i had to made it known. i couldnt bear to let u all suffer as ignorant fools, for it is impossible not to notice this. if u think of the polo ball as logan's anus, surrounded by his impenetrable fortress of anal hair, n the lion head- his face complete with mane (which he shaves daily w his custom made gilette mach industrial strength to hide his true form).. we might as well call e design our team logon as it is nothing more than a modern caricature of logan drawn from bottom up, somewhat akin to e nude sketch of kate winslet in titanic.
guy i implore u.. do not vote.. do not be fooled.. do not let him depict us as a team of anal hair lovers.
logan.. i read u like a book. we have been enlightened, dont try to play punk."

And oh by the way, we're into the SEMIS! Yay!

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  1. What if the ball was Diyan's face and the wings were his hair graceful in flight and the lion face a representative of biwei? Now, that would be an interesting "brokeback" story