Saturday, May 9, 2009


i would like to thank all you guys for the support that you guys have shown me as captain of NUS Waterpolo. the year i had in leading the team was a terrific experience.

for the guys that missed the meeting today.
the team will be led by a new office.

Captain: Bryon
Vice-Captain I: Ken
Vice-Captain II: BiWei
Team Secretary (Designate I): Kenneth
Team Secretary (Designate II): Daren

Team Manager: Matthew
Team Technical Advisor: Andre

the 2 of us, andre and i, will be slowly fading into the shadows as we hand over the responsibilities and guidance to the new office bearers.

i will come up with a constitution-like document that will reflect the roles and responsibilities of the new office. as soon as i do, i will drop everyone a copy.

once again, thank you gentlemen for all the support that andre and i have received.

thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve and to lead a team of champions.

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