Friday, April 17, 2009

end of school. end of examinations.

i reckon we all have ended our official school curriculum. as we start on our study week, i just want to wish all of you guys the best for your coming papers. study hard!

and another announcement also.
i am currently looking at the 9th of may for a team meeting. i will require everyone to be present. it is on a saturday. i think most, if not all, of you guys will have ended your examinations by then. i am either looking at meeting you gentlemen in school, with a proper meeting location. OR we could all go out for a lunch (buffet, or something along the lines of large amounts of food), and of course meet over lunch. please do tell me your preferences of either choice and if so, suggestions for location. i am open to suggestions. if not, we can all go back to school after exams, WHICH is damn sian. haha.
also, the meeting will have to take place on the 9th, as on the 10th onwards, some of the guys will be going overseas for the teamNUS Summit. so i would want to catch everyone before people stream away.

do post your suggestions or replies ASAP, either through mails or of course here.

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