Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sponsor : Zouk


It's the end of January, and what better way to spend it than with us at THE GREAT TGIW!! It's about everything Over-The Top, the bigger the better! GO BIG OR GO HOME and end January 2013 with a blast!

TGIW is the game changing mid-week party that gives Singaporeans a reason to stay out late on Wednesdays!! Have your ears and eyes treated to some full-on friendly Mash-up, Electro and Hip Hop in Zouk as Ghetto brings on the SWAG this side of the region with his tight mixing and most on-point video mixing at BOUNCE, accompanied by none other than Emcee EJ, taking the party to a whole new level!

Prefer something a bit with a bit more spunk? Dance to the most bangin' tech house and techno at ALT. with djB and Hong in Velvet Underground- Dance. At Phuture, get down with Ming at Mix & Match with Drum & Bass, UK Dubstep and Old- School Hip Hop thrown in for good measure.

TGIW is a reminder about what Wednesday night partying is all about; living in the moment and having FUN!

*Show us what it means to go OTT with everything K-POP! Think studs, jackets, spikes, leopard prints and more! You know the drill, get spotted and be showered with drinks and VIP privileges! Stay tuned for more details.

*Join the TGIW Revolution and start tweeting @ZoukSingapore and #TheGreatTGIW for more deets to this crazy party!

Come down on either the 22nd or 24th January to watch the games to get a Zouk ticket to The Great TGIW! Hope to see you there (: 

22nd January 
(Women's matches) : TJC vs. RJC (7pm)
                                      NUS vs. SAJC (8pm)

24th January 
(Men's Semi-finals) : Teams playing TBC but matches will be held from 7-9pm

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