Sunday, September 20, 2009

SUNIG Team list

Hello everybody,

Hope everybody's fine with school work and training!
After much consideration and discussion within the EXCO, the following are the players who will be playing for SUNIG:

1. Ken
2. Kenneth
3. Bi Wei
4. Bryon
5. Andre
6. Matthew
7. Mark Zhang
8. Jiale
9. Joel
10. Pinkie
11. Marcus Goh
12. Marcus Tan
13. Wei Nian
14. Ben Cai
15. Kenneth Foo
16. Bing Ren

The selection for SUNIG, as mentioned many times previously, is based on both merit and attendance. Additionally, we have decided to field a younger team this time round to allow the younger players to gain experience playing with the seniors and also in preparation for IRAUQ's team selection. This will allow us to have a fairer evaluation when the time comes.

For the rest, come down for training regularly! There's still IRAUQ and NUS Open to look forward to.


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